How to do Vajrasana and its Health Benefit

By : 24-Mar-2017
Health Benefits Of Vajrasana

What is Vajrayana?

Vajrayana is said to be one of the best poses that can work as a panacea. The term Vajrasana is originated from Sanskrit, it means thunderbolt and asana mean posture. Vajrasana is suggested to ease the digestive system and enhance the energy of your back and leg muscles. Once you started to practice these postures, it can help you tone muscles so that individuals can later move on the more asanas that can improve your health in all aspects.

How To Perform Vajrasana

Introductory poses warm up and then you learn a few Vajrasana poses like Ardha Shalabhasana and Shalabhasana before you learn how to do the Thunderbolt poses. These prep poses of Vajrasana can help you stretch your muscles and will ensure that you don’t experience any muscle pulling while performing these yoga postures. Yoga asanas have numerous health benefits.

Please read on to find out the best 10 Thunderbolt pose steps:

Bend your knees and sit on your buttocks

The sides of your soles must be together

Link your big toes

Place your plans on knees and relax and let your shoulders get relaxed

Try to balance your body in this pose while taking breath

Try not to lean back and let your spine to arch backwards

Keep your eyes and focus on your breathing

Keep inhaling and exhaling slowly, allow your mind and soul to relax

At least, you have to sit for 2 minutes. Once you get accustomed to it, you can increase gradually to 5 – 10 minutes.

How To Release From Vajrasana

It is easy to release from Vajrasana, just move hands from knees to your sides.  Then, release your knees and shift your weight onto your toes and push your legs so that you would come to seated position.  When you want to move from Vajrasana, please try to release smooth and slow.  While shifting from one pose to another, better take 10 seconds of unwinding breath for good health benefits. 

Vajrasaja majorly strengthens your muscles so that relief from back and leg pain. There are various poses that you can include your daily yoga routines to see great changes in you. Padangusthasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Utkatasana, and Adho Mukha Svanasana are other postures in Vajrasana to shape your body and enjoy ultimate health benefits.  

Benefits Of Vajrasana

Vajrasana can improve your digestion system and helps in get rid of other stomach disorders. 

These postures can help in combating acidity

Vajrasana is one of the best back strength postures

A few minutes of workout of Vajrasana can give you peace and tranquillity

Tones muscles and thighs

Improves your blood circulation

Controls high blood pressure

Acts as a painkiller for various health problems 

All over the world, people have been performing yoga asanas and they are able to get miraculous results. You can cure your health issues being at home by practising yoga asanas. Try to take a proper guidance and perform yoga and you would find ultimate results. 

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