The Best Home Remedies to make your Hair Smooth and Silky

By : 08-Apr-2017
home remedies for smooth and silky hair

Everybody likes to have silky and smooth hair. There are ways to keep your hair healthy but home remedies are truly helpful. There are various issues for hair like overuse of dyes, chlorine from swimming pools and harsh products, overexposure the sun and much more.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is known as a panacea and especially it works well for hair to keep silky and smooth. Within less time, you can observe great changes. It has great healing power for any condition of the hair.

Depend on length and volume; you can apply required olive hair oil. It is good if you warm it.

Massage it on scalp for some time so that blood circulation will be good enough.

Wear a plastic cap and cover it up using a hot towel. Leave it overnight.

Apply suitable shampoo to wash your hair. 

2. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is known as the best home remedy and definitely liked by all as it can give you the positive impact. It is rich in properties and helps to make your hair silky and smooth. Apply it to your hair and massage to activate dead cells and improve blood circulation. But, you should make sure that your hair must be soaked completely with mayonnaise. Use a plastic cap after applying it to your head for one hour. Rise hair with warm water. Your hair will be shining for sure.

3. Eggs for Getting Soft, Silky Hair

Eggs are the best home remedies and advised since many decades to keep your hair silky and smooth. The egg is good for hair and it can supply required proteins to the strengthening of hair. It can be good to improve, moisture, texture and shine a well as stimulate growth. There are various ways to use them to get healthy and silky hair.  Shampoo your hair normally with cool water as hot will cook the eggs. Do it twice in weeks to get expected results.

4. Beer

There are many people who use beer as a home remedy for change your hair into silky and smooth. It is full or proteins which needed for hair repair and hair follicle. Moreover, nourishment of hair with beer is amazing and natural too.

After shampooing your hair, spray beer to your hair and let it dry first and your hair will get a good look and become very smooth. Beer can also be used before shampooing your hair.  

5. Sesame oil

Sesame oil helps you grow healthy. It has healing properties in improving blood circulation. It also has anti—inflammatory properties to keep the scalp from unexpected damages to hair. 

Take ginger and mix it with two tablespoons of sesame oil

Massage it on scalp it for some time – 10 to15 minutes

Cover up with plastic cover and wrap it in warm towel for some time

Shampoo your hair and repeat this process for every week to get good results

You can also use it with lemon juice and beetroot juice in the same measurement. Apply it and leave it overnight. Just wash it off in the morning.

 Apply it for a couple of months to have amazing results.

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