Hospitalization Bills worth 5.5 Crore Summated in the Treatment of Jayalalithaa

By : 07-Feb-2017
Hospitalization Bills worth 5.5 Crore Treatment

Two months after the demise of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, Dr. Richard Beale, a London-based medical surgeon who had been monitoring the former CM in her course of treatment had shared the detailed clinical report of hers. The report revealed the fact about the CM who died due to acute diabetes and intensive respiratory organ failure.

Ever since Jayalalithaa had died, there had been conspiracies making rounds in the state of Tamil Nadu that talked about Amma who had met with unnatural death.

In a high-profile medical press conference, Dr. Beale had accompanied with the principal panel of doctors that included Dr. Balaji, Dr. Babu Abraham, and significantly Dr. Sudha Seshaiyyan who had embalmed the corpse of the deceased.

Ten Big Disclosures Made By the Doctors about the Death of Jayalalithaa:

No transplantation or laceration was carried out on Jayalalithaa's hind-limbs during 75 days of her stay in the hospital.

More than 5.5 liters of embalming anointments were used to conserve the deceased’s remains.

There were no relevant impressions of dots or marks on the cheek that were otherwise apparent in the viral videos circulated in the social media.

The deceased was hit by an uncalled cardiac arrest and was immediately put Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on CPR.

The patient was intermittently in the state of sub-consciousness.

The sufferer was put on a machine for restarting the heart beats back in rhythm.

The patient was subjected to the life-threatening bacterial infection in blood that had scattered across the respiratory organs leading to shortness of breath.

The patient was put under the Non-invasive mechanical ventilation therapy.

The genuine hospitalization bills worth Rs 5.5 crore were handed over to the victim’s family members. 

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