I am always grateful and thankful to RGV: Manoj Bajpayee

By : 17-Jan-2017
Manoj Bajpayee, Aligarh,Sarkar 3

Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee won Filmfare awards for Satya movie directed by Varma and Shool movie directed by protégé of RGV. After 17 years of film career, he was awarded Critics Award for the movie Aligarh.

How do you feel?

I got Filmfare for Satya and Shool. Many times I have been nominated but could not reach me. But, one night, I got two awards.

This year Filmfare nominations were put them in the dark light on social media for being paid.

Mainstream awards in India do not recognize critically acclaimed films. They look only box-office results. Awards are to be given to people based on excellence than impressive figures. 

Aligarh was a surprise for all of us

I was surprised too.

Aligarh was a surprising as I was not nominated but winning for Aligarh is a surprise. I was at the event because I got nominated for Taanndav. I thought of leaving the event but organizers of the Filmfare have asked me to stay back.

Do you think it is because of social media reaction?

Probably, it is because of social media which has helped to change the decision. However, I am thankful for the jury too.

Why good content fails at the box-office?

My work is to promote good content to the audiences and what I want to say is that audience might fail a good cinema but a good cinema never fails audience.

What about your career plans for 2017?

As I am an actor, I am getting offers every day for next, I have missing with Tabu, Sarkar 3 and Shabana.

RGV is special for you?

He made my career and he made me an actor and I am today. I am always grateful and thankful. I am looking forward to working with him soon. My role in Sarkar 3 is small but it gives great impact.

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