IAF Jet Flown to Manipur to Bring Down Fuel Emergency

By : 24-Jan-2017
Indian Air Force 96,000 Litres of Diesel Manipur

GUWAHATI: A political organization named the United Naga Council has imposed a sudden economic blockade on Manipur.

The crisis had outburst due to the state government’s decision to bifurcate Naga dominated locations while forking seven new districts.

The UNC has left the total transportation system of the state crippled across the National Highway-2 that had caused acute shortage of the basic necessities.  

The Union Home Ministry of Manipur had received initial orders from the Prime Minister's Office to seek assistance of the Air force in escalating the oil to Imphal.

Upon the directives of the PMO, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has airlifted tankers full of gallons of oil to be despatched to Imphal on the 84th day of the crude oil crux.

Suneet Newton, the Lieutenant Colonel had confirmed about the heavy brawlers consisting of 6 tankers measuring 96,000 litres of diesel approximately were ferried to Imphal.

Manipur is on the verge of election as they are scheduled to crack on March 4 and end on March 8. The authorities had strictly instructed the petroleum vendors to keep a stock of fuel ready for the political choppers.

Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister had called a high-level meeting with the Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to take note of the culmination in Manipur.

The Indian Oil Corporation had cooperated in mitigating the impact of the fuel crisis. The IOC officials admitted about the errand which was kept confidential for security concerns. They have mentioned about the surplus tankers that are parked at IOC's fuelling terminal on the outskirts of Guwahati to be airlifted to Imphal.

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