US Attacks left some Indians to cancel or change their US trip

By : 06-Mar-2017
US Attacks left some Indians to cancel

NEW DELHI: Indians has urged the External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj for the issuance of the travel warning against the US after a Sikh man named Deep Rai was shot in his arm on Friday outside his Seattle residence. This is noted to be the third hate attack on Indians in the US within 10 days. 

On Sunday, over the social media, some Indians had requested Ms. Swaraj to issue a travel warning concerning the Indians visiting the US.

In the most recent crimes, an American had reportedly shouted, "Go back to your own country" and injured Deep Rai after firing him. According to the U.S. Travel Association, more than 1 million Indians are recorded to visit the US every year.

"But after a series of discrimination attacks on Indians, the people are reconsidering either to postpone or cancel their US itinerary for the safety of their selves.

It is mandatory for the Indian government to issue a statutory warning to the Indian citizens who are on their verge to travel to the US. Several countries like Germany, France, and the United Arab Emirates have already published advisories for cautioning the travellers from visiting the United States due to frequent gun violence.

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