Major IT firm, Infosys Recruits 10K US Employees to Curb Tight H1B Visa Norms

By : 02-May-2017
Infosys Hires 10,000 American Workers

India's biggest information technology IT firm Infosys will recruit about 10,000 local US residents over the next 2 years. Major IT firm will also set up 4 technological and innovation hubs there as a part to curb over the tight H1-B visa related issues.

Amidst these new hires and centres, Infosys will not only focus its enhancement in areas like Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning, User experience, Cloud and big data. Instead, it will also help in work relation matters with clients from key industries like Fiscal services, manufacture, healthcare, retail, and energy.

Hence a phenomenal need for a more healthy, global as well as local talent is much required. The Indian CEO Vishal Sikka said that the 1st core centre will open in Indiana during the month of August 2017 and it will have 2000 of job opportunities by 2021 for the Americans. Meanwhile, the other 3 locations will be decided over the course of next few months.

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