Premji, Sikka warn of dangers to world, IT industry

By : 03-Jan-2017
Infosys, Wipro, World, IT Industry

BANGALURU: At the turn of the new year, the heads of the two IT giants Wipro and Infosys had sent notifications to their staff about the serious dangers that the world  and the industry  has been facing.

 Azim Premji, the chairman of Wipro had laid his focus on the political, social, climate risks, and environmental crisis.

Premji in his open letter to his employees described about the four principles which would guide actions in search of a better world. He elaborated that finding a common ground, having concern for others, staying united as a society and keeping honesty can aid in accomplishing our objectives.

The billionaire, who donates half of his annual wealth to philanthropic groups and NGOs  recalled a recent visit to a secondary school in Rajasthan where a little girl rose her question about his accomplishments. Premji said that the young sophomore and her intelligent question had made him feel happy and fulfilled.

On the other hand, Vishal Sikka, the CEO of Infosys dug his threat on the Indian IT industry that are becoming obsolete in the absence of innovative technologies and their failed efforts in adoption of the automation.

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