Best iPhone Mobile Accessory, Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

By : 08-May-2017
iPhone mobile accessory Tempered Glass

A multi-layered tempered glass protector shields the screen of your expensive mobile phone. The oleophobic coated slim silicon PET film can easily stick over the mobile display screen making it 5 times stronger than any other glass.

Here are a few best iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for you to buy

1. Sir Lancelot's Armor Holy Grail

Holy Grail is a tempered-glass screen protector that guard's the user's phone screen from scratches and shatters. As it is built up of the thickest material it diminishes the chances of denting or tearing of the device. The Holy Grail has the sticky glue underneath that prevents the appearance of the tiny bubbles over the surface of the phone. The classy iPhone screen protector has the smooth finish and leaves no messy residue behind.

2. ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD

The anti-glare ZAGG iPhone screen guard is thin and does not attract dust or grit over the surface. The texture of the invisible shield offers a rubbery feeling which makes it non-slippery from the hands of the user. But to be true, the rubbery touch disables the users to wipe off the traces of oils or fingerprints from the surface. This safety film gets firmly stuck to the screen for a long time.  The invisibleSHIELD is a wet applied and gets dried easily.  The anti-dust and anti-bubble glass protector is highly durability.

3. ScreenGuardz Pure

ScreenGuardz Pure screen protectors withstand the maximum scratch and dust particles without impairing the appearance of the phone. The fine classScreenGuardz Pure protector is extra smooth and responds to the sensory of the human fingers.

The stalwart tempered glass material is has passed the mild Pencil Hardness PH test, hammer test, and X-Acto knife attacks. But if excess pressure is applied the product will lose out its functionality. 

4. Tech Armor Ultra Clear Ballistic Glass

The Tech Armor Ultra Clear Ballistic Glass gives the iPhone a long lasting durable and crystal clear surface. It offers a full response to the sensory of the human fingertips.

The tempered glass makes the iPhone screen absolutely safe from scratches and damages. It blends smoothly with the iPhone screen with no loss of clarity of vision. 

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