Republic Day 2017: ISIS May Target Delhi Courts , Says Intelligence

By : 20-Jan-2017
isis threat delhi courts

According to recent input received by the Intelligence Bureau from sources, the Islamic State (ISIS) may be targeting the courts in Delhi during the Republic Day.
Sources said that the courts in Delhi have always been a target for the terrorists of the ISIS group for their terror attacks and it is also came to know from the sources of the Intelligence Bureau that the ISIS terrorists group have been scouring the areas where the courts are located for their planned attacks.
The Intelligence Bureau has shared this intelligence information of the planned terror attacks on the Delhi courts by ISIS terrorist groups on the even Republic Day, with the Delhi Police.
The recent investigations of the Intelligence Bureau revealed that, the ISIS radical groups which are earlier thought of mostly spread along and targeting mostly the Southern parts of India, are now having their ISIS radical sympathisers all over the northern India and are mostly targeting the law enforcement agencies in the northern parts of India.
The sources of the Intelligence Bureau also revealed that the attack on the courts in the national capital could be more like the earlier Pathankot attack or even more like a Nice-style attack, in which a cargo truck is used to drive onto the crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France killing 86 people and injuring hundreds more people.
A senior police official of the department while requesting his anonymity has spoken to the media about the terrorists target shift from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to courts and other related places that, “"This time ISIS is targeting the public to hit the Indian government.” He also said that Modi has been a target of the ISIS terror group as they believe that he did not do much to protect the Muslims from the bloodshed.

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