Jammu And Kashmir Terror Attack claims the lives of 3 Jawans and 1 civilian

By : 23-Feb-2017
Jammu And Kashmir Terror Attack lives of 3 Jawans

SRINAGAR:  During the early hours of Thursday, 3 army soldiers and an elderly woman reported to have killed in a cross-fire between the antagonists and the security force in the Shopian district of J&K.  As many as 6 members of the troop and 2 of the officials were critically injured in one of the biggest attacks.

On Wednesday night at 2:30 am, the Indian soldiers were making their way back from Matrigam village after completing their anti-terror search. The heavily-armed militants had eventually opened fire for an hour killing Jawans and a woman who became the subject of a stray bullet that hit her while she was in inside her house.

This attack happened to be the fourth major encounter in the past one month in Jammu and Kashmir that had killed 6 soldiers. Last week, 4 of the uniformed soldiers and a major was gunned down as a result of the terrorist attack.

Major Satish Dahiya, the gallantry award winner who was an integral part of sequential counter-terrorism and who had been carrying out intense search operations against the intruders was shot dead by the militants in Handwara district.

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