I am Jayalalithaa's legal heir: Deepa

By : 16-Dec-2016
Jayalalithaa,legal heir,Deepa

CHENNAI: Deepa Jayakumar is Jayalalithaa's niece. She is an acclaimed journalist pursuing her research project on war crimes and humanitarian crises in South Asia.

Deepa was born to Jayalalithaa's brother Jayakumar in the year 1974.

She recollects the reminiscence of her past while watching her private family album.

She told that her paternal aunt Jayalalithaa Jayaram was one of the happiest souls, standing next to her parents during their marriage in 1972.

“She named me Deepa, which meant light”. Deepa sobs and regrets being the closest blood relative of Jaya because of the fact that she was not allowed to visit meet her aunt while she was bedridden. She added that her aunt was the person whom she loved the most like anybody else.

Deepa remembers those school time memories when Jayalalithaa groomed her and inculcated good values in her. She admits that it’s her aunt who had awakened deep social concern in her. She called Jayalalithaa the real-time role model of her life for she was the Iron Lady of courage, hardship and challenges. Thers is a Jayalalithaa deeply engrained within her existence, says Deepa. Jaya’s niece illustrates that her aunt always wanted to raise her in her home like her own child.

The niece of the late CM one after the other described how things changed drastically after they were moved out Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden residence. Suddenly, the Pose began to house absolute strangers and outsiders that she would not even identify.

Back in 1991, when her proud aunt had sworn in as chief minister of Tamil Nadu for the first time, her entire family had luncheon together. Deepa cherished that moment as the most treasured day of her life when her parents had returned back into her life again.

At that time, Deepa was hardly 16 and Jayalalithaa had introduced her brother Jayakumar to everyone in the political circuit.

Her family was cordially invited and participated in public events, political affairs and all important functions.

While her aunt was imprisoned in Chennai in 1997 Jayalalithaa was visibly touched by the fact that her niece had ventured into the area. Jaya gently asked her to go home and she will see me when she is released from the jail.

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