Mumbai-bound Jet Airways flight skids off Goa airport runway,

By : 27-Dec-2016
 Jet Airways, Flight,Runway,15 Passengers

The Mumbai bound Boeing 737 flight at Goa airport while lining up for takeoff at 5:30 Am on Tuesday morning has suddenly veered off the runway.

Although no major casualties have occurred, out of the total 154 passengers and 7 crew members that the flight is carrying, a total of 15 passengers have suffered minor injuries during the evacuation process.

The incident happened when the Jet Airways flight 9W 2374 which arrived from Dubai and was bound to Mumbai was lining up for takeoff and suddenly skidded off the runway. All the passengers have suffered an unexpected panic due to the turbulence caused from the tilting forward of the aircraft.

The Airport authorities said that all the passengers who have sustained injuries in this unexpected accident have attended to with the required medical attention and were coordinated through.

The airlines said in a statement that, “Few guests have sustained minor injuries during the evacuation process and medical assistance is being coordinated by the Jet Airways team and the airport authorities.”

One of the passengers who sustained injuries from the accident and is receiving medical treatment at the Chicalim cottage hospital in Vasco told reporters that, “When people were getting down, the plane suddenly tilted forward triggering panic and chaos.”

Aviation consultant, Mark Martin said that, “I believe that in light of the Boeing 737NG in the past  having issues with nose wheel and main wheel there could also be a  possibility of the nose wheel steering or the tiller being unresponsive to pilot input thereby preventing the aircraft from being aligned with the runway heading in time for take-off.”

He also added that, A significant factor that emerges with this incident in Goa is that morning winds at Dabolim Airfield tend to gust between 15Kts (28 km/per Hour)  to 30 kts (68 km/per hour) during between 0500 and 0900 which as we know commonly known as the “Sea-Breeze-Land-Breeze” phenomena;  and as a result, this may have also acted as an external force factor with deviating  Boeing 737 off its assigned runway heading and eventually off the runway.”

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