Is It Pannerselvam Or Sasikala To Rule The Party?

By : 09-Feb-2017
Kamal Haasan told Panneerselvam cm

The state of Tamil Nadu political developments has been hitting headlines every day. After Sasikala is expected to become a chief minister, there is a revolt against her and want people to continue Panneerselvam as CM. Now, actor Kamal Haasan has also joined the people who want Panneerselvam to be continued as CM.

“Why not allow Panneerselvam to continue the post of CM for some time? He did his job well if people don’t like him to continue as CM, they have the way to throw him out of the power. Sasikala really hurts me.”

 When he was at the press meet, the soft-spoken Panneerselvam said he was repeatedly humiliated and forced to resign the post of Chief Minister although it was Jayalalithaa who wanted him in this post.

Recent developments in AIADMK after the death of Jayalalitha has reached the peak stage with great changes either in top brass or position of being CM to decide. Moreover, echelons of the party have chosen Sasikala to lead the party. Kamal reacted strongly and said, “We are not sheep and we don’t want to be shepherded.”

Ms. Sasikala gathered all her supporters and had a meeting yesterday and again this morning. She had the numbers and had a meeting secretly somewhere to prevent the influence of Mr. Panneerselvam.

Kamal Haasan also said, “He was not impressed because Sasikala got superior numbers. If they don’t know how the run the business of the nation, they don’t have right to be there.”

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