Kangana rectifies Karan's vocabulary, not women or victim its’ Badass card

By : 09-Mar-2017
Karan-Kangana Conflict Karan  Johar

MUMBAI: Half of the twitter world did not agree to the film-maker Karan Johar’s sarcastic remark on Kangana Ranaut. The tangy tongue of Karan had scornfully tweeted that this actress should stop playing the card game on women and victims.

Kangana had very confidently spelled Johar’s vocabulary in one of her recent interview with the press. She mentioned that she would use all her cards as she pleases. In the TV show 'Koffee with Karan' the host Karan had said that in the professional space, it’s Kangana's badass card that helped her to grapple on with the cut throat competition. While with the family and loved ones it’s the love card, when she has to tilt towards the world then she used her dignity card and finally to secure a seat on the bus it’s the women card that she is resorted to picking.  Kangana spoke in a press that she had not perceived any idea about Johar’s nepotism understanding. As it is his level of thoughts, she could not comment anything further on it. She says that Karan's decision of not giving her any film projects is actually a humiliation factor for him and not for a performing artist like her.  Kangana, in the end, cleared that she isn’t arguing or fighting with Johar. She is actually in a battle with male chauvinistic society.  

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