Kotagiri Hill station

By : 14-Apr-2017
Kotagiri India Hill station

Welcome to the Holiday Destination

A valid vacation in Kotagiri behaves as the workable vaccine for the winning vacationers who admire of spending wacky moments over the wedges of the Kotagiri hills. Kotagiri is the 3rd largest and the oldest heritage hill station in the Nilgiris that is elevated by 1985 meters. The delicate eco-system of the area is naturally decorated with sweeps of forests, woodlands, plains, conical peaks, mountain ranges, meadows, tea estate gardens, dams, waterfalls, and last but not the least the river Moyar. European houses were long built during the colonial period that garnished the aesthetics attractions. You will encounter with the Badaga settlements and habitations dwelling across the evergreen vegetation and Longwood shoal that pours drinking water to them.   


Travel Attractions and Favorite Sight Seeing Places

You must take a break and backpack to Kotagiri in order to embrace your body and soul with the attractions that lend beauty to the humble heaven.  The hill plateau is washed with the sparkling silver sun and is carpeted with paddy fields. The regional rivers glide and ride ahead to join with the other passing rivulets. You must buy the time to enjoin yourself with the enlisted picnic hot-spots and vistas of the remarkable places in Kotagiri:

Gedhehaada Halla-Foothills Dale River

Elk Falls

Catherine Falls

Rangaswamy Peak

Kodanad View Point

Longwood Shola

Trekking near the Falls

Doddabetta Range

Rangaswamy Pillar Rock


Best Season to Make a Vacation Trip to This Holiday Destination

The comely and the micro-climatic conditions of Kotagiri offers platters of opportunities for trekking, rock climbing, and leisurely strolling for the tertiary trotters.  Ideally, January, February, March, April, May, October, and December mark the magnificent seasons to make an outing here.

April to July

The summer season is moderately temperate with the temperature that ranges between a comfortable 18°C - 30°C. The cool breeze lifts up the campaigner’s spirits in the elegant evenings.

June to September

The monsoon season does not affect the pleasure trips as the place gets moderate rainfalls that add freshness and greenery to the place.

 November to February

The winter season runs 11°C to 20°C of temperature.

The Annual Temple Fest

The devotees dedicate the divine festival to deity Kamataraya that performs the cosmic dance of god Shiva.

Best Travel and Tour Operators for Booking

The Coimbatore airport is nearest to Kotagiri and is well knitted with the road junctures of Tamil Nadu.  In your sojourn, you can start wandering about by boarding into the sleeper a/c bus, railway or airway with the sweetheart price deals. Here are a few humble travel operators who would make your Odyssey campaign a successful one.

Travel Corporation of India 

Cox and King India Ltd

Simons Holidays and Tours

Southern Travels

Online India Travel Agency

Trail Blazer Tours India Pvt Ltd

Best Budget Class Hotels for Day and Night Stay

There are standard and deluxe on-site restaurants, shared lounges, vacation homes, cottage houses and accommodations that offer rooftop terrace gardens, balconies, and seating areas for the in-house guests. The rented space is the feature with free Wi-Fi services available round the clock.

Mentioned below are a few upscale inns and motels that suit your pocket

Hanging Huts Resorts

Celestial Resorts

Orange Pekoe Hotel

Fairview Mountain Resort

Twin Tree Mountain Resort

Nature's Nest Kotagiri

Pinewood Suites Guest House

Marsh Villa Luxury Resort

Nahar Retreat and Wellness Spa

Green Nest Resort

Holiday homes IVC Villa

Peakview Cottage

Villa Wood Stock Villa

Homestay Nightingale

Tips for Making Your Traveller Kit

Your Personalized Carry-on-luggage-bag essentials must be packed smartly with the presence of mind. Arrange your backpack with a journey handy-camera, torch light, additional clothes to match with the weather, comfortable pair of footwear, goodies, munchies, beverages and water flask.

Carry First-aid Gear

Always be prepared to tackle any uninvited situations, illness or injuries during traveling. You can nurse yourself and your kids to promote quick recovery by loading the precautionary Medi-kit that must comprise of the following items below:

Antidiarrheal tablets like bismuth subsalicylate, loperamide

Antacids, Anti-motion capsules 

Pills for pain or fever like acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen

Cough drops, cough suppressant or expectorant

Antifungal, antibacterial ointments

Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, Swiss knives, mosquito repellent, bandages, cotton swabs, gauze, and a safety thermometer

Breach into a Bounteous and a Worthy Vacation Ahead! 

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