Bollywood Top Flop Movies List-2016

By : 29-Dec-2016
bollywood top flop movies 2016

In any case if you come across the following films, just think twice before watching it, as these films neither got appreciation from mass audiences nor garnered critical acclaim. So, after watching these films don’t come to us shouting ‘you didn’t warn me’ 
Well, here’s is your first and final warning. Let’s check them out:
1.  Kya Kool Hai Hum 3
Always wanted to watch Big Boss and their contestants… but couldn’t find time? Well, watch this movie to never watch them again. The ensemble cast can kill you with their over-used rotten jokes, easily predictable plot and unconvincing acting.
 Sex comedy definitely works… but, bad sex comedy? (Wondering…).Lastly, I want to say just one thing - All…this film needs is a good script, good actors and good director and… the rest is fine.
Maybe its high time makers should start planning to make ‘no movie’ 


2. Mastizaade 
The only masti you will feel is when you leave the cinema halls (and I’m serious…). 
This is an absolute ludicrous movie with its absurd screenplay, and brilliantly bad acting. The makers should have planned to make less masti and make a better movie. The only thing you will ask for, when you relax your buttocks is Interval (trust me…)
Just Saying: Sunny Leone in double role is double devastating


3. Tera Surroor
Himesh Reshammiya delivers his best performance till date in this movie with his incredible flat expressions (or no expressions), the only best thing about this film is its infectious Music and Dublin locations. This film is so dull and boring to death that even Himesh Reshammiya’s fans can’t patronize the 2 hour long run. 
Just Saying: Shekhar Kapoor is present only for two scenes. Do not try and watch the entire movie.


4. Wajah Tum Ho
The film revolves around a live murder committed on television. This film is about a hooded vigilante, interested in broadcasting murders on a news channel and, can the cops-in-the-blue catch him before another person gets victimized?(Nice, right? But the flavor added to the execution makes the film half-baked).  The script suffers from voyeuristic intimate scenes, cringe-worthy dialogues and foreseeable twists. 
For this movie my vocabulary is limited to ‘Illogical’ 
Just Saying: After the movie, the only question remains… what is Sharman Joshi doing in this film? And what’s all about the hacking presentation? (I don’t wanna learn hacking…)


5. Love games
This time Vikram Bhatt comes with a plot that solely relies on the audiences, whether to abandon the movie or to exit the theatres. Yes, the movie is filled with unnecessary cliché’s, infantile events, over-used stereotypes and sexual boredom. Vikram Bhatt’s attempt to create the ‘Romantic Gaming Masterpiece’ is clearly a boner.
Just Saying: The only reason this movie is on top 5 is just because below five movies are even more disappointing.


6. One Night Stand
Watch this movie to understand, how one can ruin the first-rate compelling idea into a c-grade terribly executed film. The film puts up very interesting questions about the prejudices, when it comes to sexual liberty and cheating one’s spouse, but these questions soon settles in bin, as the film takes the stance for men’s sexual freedom( saying…”ye inke khoon mein hai…” what ??? ). The film is so tedious that, within no time you will be craving for the comfort of your home.
Just Saying: In this movie, the lyrics of a song go like this…Do peg maar aur bhool jaa (Okay!)


7. Great Grand Masti
Be prepared! Like Never Before! To witness … The ensemble cast of over acting…                                                                            Yes, Great Grand Masti audiences (I’m being one of them) were victimized with the lame insinuating humorless jokes. Half an hour in the movie, I’ve wanted my money back. This film made me cry for the very decision I took to step inside the theatre.
P.S: Third in the series, this movie is three times more disgusting


8. Fever
Fever is amateurish convoluted mind-numbing thriller that brings you to the edge of the seat (only when your back hurts). This film can even make, mentally deficient kids feel smart as they can sense much-before, where the film is headed.  The over simplification of the movie plot makes it a pointless repulsive thriller to watch.
Just Saying: Watch this movie to suffer from Fever and Headache.


9. LoveShhudha
In the name of RomCom, LoveShudha could be anything but bona fide and palpable. This film lacks authenticity in filmmaking and director’s conviction in the vision. However, with the good music the impact remains futile.
 What could've been a relatable captivating screenplay turns out to be a bit of a damp squib.


10. Beiimaan Love
Beiimaan Love is the story of a couple who’re Beiimaan (that’s it! That’s the whole story). The maker skillfully fails in his attempt to provide some voyeuristic pleasure to the viewers. Sunny Leone has to do a lot of ‘good acting’ rather than simply presenting herself with seducing and erotic moves.



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