Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg shows off robot butler 'Jarvis'

By : 22-Dec-2016
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Mark Zuckerberg, the FB Boss and the billionaire has built a robot app that he uses for enjoying the music with wife Priscilla and Daughter Maxima. The Facebook CEO has been spotted shining his personal robot butler, Jarvis.

Jarvis, a helpful manservant is voiced by Morgan Freeman that can control lights, make toast and play music too.

Each January, Zuckerberg, the social media tycoon announces to himself a new and a novel challenge and building up of the Jarvis programme was his task for this year that he had successfully accomplished in 2016.

Zuckerberg is chipped in with Jarvis via Facebook Messenger or voice commands a special app programmed onto multiple iPhones around his residence.

He said that he wanted to communicate via Jarvis from anywhere. That meant the communication had to happen through his mobile phone rather than a dummy device mounted in his house.

 Zuckerberg added that he will keep updating Jarvis with the new tricks and would further connect it more and more domestic appliances. Making the straightforward robot butlers available to the world would be an interesting discovery said Zuckerberg.

He explained that he would consider open sourcing his code, but currently it is tightly tied to his home appliances and network configuration.

He will release Jarvis to everybody after developing a layer that bridges the home automation functionality. Zuckerberg is going to reveal his new year challenge for 2017 in another few weeks.

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