Medical Panel Fails to Submit a Conclusive Report in the Death of Sunanda Pushkar

By : 28-Jan-2017
Medical board examine Sunanda Pushkar

A medical panel assigned to investigate and submit a report on the findings of AIIMS and FBI into the death of Sunanda Pushkar has two weeks ago submitted an inconclusive report, the police said today.

A medical panel comprising of four doctors from Delhi, Chandigarh and Puducherry has been established earlier to investigate the findings from the reports submitted by the AIIMS and FBI on the death of Sunanda Pushkar, said the police sources.

The medical board comprising of the four doctors has been constituted by the Police in the month of June last year to examine the FBI and AIIMS findings on the death mystery of Sunanda Pushkar and submit the report to a Special Investigation Team (SIT) assigned to probe the death of the wife of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor.

After receiving an inconclusive report from the medical board of doctors, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) is now awaiting to receive the chat transcripts from the Blackberry messenger of Sunanda Pushkar, in order to find more leads to her death.

Earlier in February 2015, after the Medical board of AIIMS has identified the death cause of Sunanda Pushkar as possible poisoning but could not identify the specific substance, the viscera samples of Sunanda Pushkar have been sent to the FBI Lab in Washington to find out the poison substance that has been used on Sunanda Pushkar leading to her death.

However, the FBI report sent to the Delhi police in the month of November 2015 has virtually ruled out the use of polonium as a poison for the cause of her death. Amid several failures in the investigation of different teams, the case has been assigned to a medical board in June last year to examine the findings of FBI and AIIMS in the death of Sunanda Pushkar.

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