Medical students will have to clear NEXT an exit test to get the 'Dr' tag

By : 02-Jan-2017
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MUMBAI: In order to obtain the 'doctor' title, the medical students will now have to perform more along with the completion of their five-and-a-half-year-long bachelors of medicines.

The Union Health Ministry had unveiled the clause of the Indian Medical Council Amendment Bill 2016, according to which the students will have to pass the National Exit Test (NEXT) for improving the quality of medical education in the country and for producing benchmarking medicos in the country.

The ministry officials provided substantial information about the three introduced tests that would include NEET for postgraduate admissions, recruitment for central health services and the foreign graduate medical examination.

Dr P Shingare, the HOD of medical education and research called NEXT to be a formidable move initiated by the ministry. He added that NEXT will bring about standardisation in the process and the output of the students in the National Exit Test will determine the credibility of the medical graduates.

The professors said that the authority’s inspection can come as a helpful measure in rating the infrastructure of the college. Similarly, called the outcome of NEXT that can be a tangible parameter for determining the quality of the college and students.

However, Dr Devi Shetty, cardiac surgeon and the former member of the Medical Council of India felt the draft's provisions to be a suitable outcome for an "economy of excess".

Dr Shetty added that the competent candidates must be allowed to pursue PG studies before they turn 30 years of age.

Dr Shingare stated that over the past 20 years, more than 2,000 medical officers pursued their PG annually but none of these doctors had ever returned to the government system.

Dr Gautam Sen, a former MCI member called this move as nothing but reduction in meritocracy. He asked the government to enforce complete Medical Council reforms instead of piecemeal efforts. He further questioned to the government as to why it has still not introduced the entire bill when it has been already cleared by the Parliament.

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