Meru Cabs to Offer Slew of Additional Services to Meet the Competition

By : 23-Jan-2017
Meru Cabs Travel Options

MUMBAI: In order to compete with the app-based cabbie rivals in the country, Meru Cabs have gone ahead to revive its catalog of service offerings while introducing all the newer cab categories to facilitate the booking through its user-friendly Meru Cabs mobile application solutions.

Mero Cabs announced about the three new add-ons Sedans, SUV, and Hatchbacks that would be available to the users through its mobile app.

Nilesh Sangoi, CEO, Meru Cabs announced that the latest serviceable additions come with competitive pricing.

Meru Cabs recorded with annual revenue of Rs 500 crore as on last year that has strategically crossed beyond the aforesaid figure this fiscal quarter.

Meru has a hierarchy of over 2,000 licensed drivers under the additional categories that render their service in Mumbai. The company is optimistic to spread its services nationwide. 

The tariffs are said to have settled at Rs 9/km for Hatchback, SUV at Rs 15/Km and Rs 10/km for Sedan. However, the company would not charge its travelers with the 'surge price'.

The new guidelines allow the permission of the ride sharing, safety, crude oil rules and fare cost calculation.

Uber has accepted all the policy as it has given a green signal for sharing and converting private cars into cabs and limousines that would attract surge pricing.

Meru the Taxi giant while raising an array of concerns, had admitted that transforming the privately owned cars into commercial vehicles may create competition.

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