Mohammed Saifullah who could recite Gayatri Mantra died in a police encounter

By : 09-Mar-2017
ISIS Suspected Terrorist died police enc

LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh Police had attempted to catch the Self-motivated Terrorist Mohammed Saifullah alive but was forced to attack his abode using the tear gas shells and chilly bombs for him to comes out which did not work. Consequently, the Anti-Terror Squad commandos stormed the place and gunned him down to death on Wednesday.

The rigorous encounter between Saifullah and the UP Police had lasted for hours in Lucknow where the officials had played all the emotional tricks to drive out the secret details on Saifullah's ISIS status. The highly radicalized Saifullah repeatedly made the same statements that he has a mission that would make him obtain the martyrdom or Shahadat.

Javeed Ahmed, the Police Chief of UP had said that this encounter was their last effort to seek a change of mind in Saifullah but nothing could convince him in the end. The chief had described Saifullah as a completely ‘brainwashed berserk.’ Saifullah though opened a dialogue with the police panel but refused to surrender.

Saifullah was alleged to be a member of a self-motivated terror element inspired by ISIS who had planted bombs on the train from Bhopal to Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

After learning about the son’s death, Sartaj Ansari, the dejected father had stated “A traitor cannot be my son, we are Indians, I was born here, my ancestors were born here.’ He even refused to take the body of Saifullah.

Mohammed Saifullah, 23, was an Islamic State-inspired terrorist who recently had 70 minutes long conversation with his elder brother Khalid. In their conversation, they recollected about their liberal upbringing and the principles that their parents had instilled in them. Khalid reminded his brother Saifullah about how they could sit for the recitals of the Hindu chants of the Gayatri Mantra.  

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