Ms. Clinton Stated FBI Chief Comey's Letter and Wiki leaks Derailed Her From 2016 Polls

By : 03-May-2017
Hillary Clinton External Winning Track in 2016

NEW YORK:  Hillary Clinton had mentioned in an interview on Tuesday that she was on the right track to win in the 2016 presidential elections. But due to the external involvement by Russian hackers, Wiki leaks and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey scared some of Hillary’s possible voters. She had sadly expressed on how she had lost the chance to be the 1st women US president in a conference hosted by the media person Christiane Amanpour.

The mail was released on October 28th by the FBI head James Comey to inform Congress that his unit has reopened a series of inquiries on her personal email servers. Hillary Clinton also went ahead to say that if the polls were on October 27th she would be the current president of America now.

Ms. Clinton also held herself personally responsible for the campaign's mistake, but never questioned her policy and not even the staff behind her. She said that she was the rightful candidate nominated on the ballot and was very much aware of the consequences, challenges and the shortfalls they had. Lastly, Ms. Hillary Clinton says that she is back to being an activist citizen and also a part of the opposition.

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