Mumbai: Forest Department to Release Aarey Leopard Soon

By : 26-Dec-2016
Mumbai Forest to Release Aarey Leopard

MUMBAI:  Following a wave of criticism for unnecessary trapping of a leopard from Aarey Milk Colony on Friday, the Forest Department has announced the release of the animal back in its natural habitat at the earliest.
KP Singh, the Chief Conservator of Forest, Thane territory confirmed that the trapped leopard will be set free in its natural habitat back again. 
Though, there were no reports of incidences of man-animal conflict in the past three years after the leopard was trapped on Friday.
Aarey sets an example in the entire world for demonstrating how Leopards can co-exist with humans in perfect harmony.
A photo image of a leopard creeping very near to the tribal settlements in Aarey recently bagged an award from the Natural History Museum.
The recent documentary of the BBC Planet Earth II had covered this remarkable co-existence.
The big cat ambushed from Mataipada in Aarey, is a sub-adult male. A micro chip has already been fitted in its body stating that the leopard is completely healthy and is fit to be released.
Wild Life Conservationists blamed that trapping of the leopard is violation of the guidelines laid by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF).
In the absence of choice and under extreme circumstances, the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests PCCF, Nagpur can give the permission to the Ministry of Environment and Forest for trapping the animal.

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