AIIMS Deploy Nanotechnology In Cancer Drug Delivery

By : 12-Jan-2017
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ALLMS announced about the nanomedicinal drugs that would be soon released into the Indian market. Unlike Chemotherapy, nanotechnology allows the drugs to be locally delivered to the malignant cells without damaging the otherwise normal cells.


Researchers associate ethylene glycol molecules to nanoparticles that deliver therapeutic drugs to cancerous areas.  With ethylene glycol molecules, the white blood cells fail to recognize the nanoparticle that is injected into the blood stream of the mouse.

Increased dose of drugs are administered by using two different types of nanoparticles. The first type of nanoparticle spots the cancer tumour while the second type takes the signals from the first type and carries the prescribed therapeutic drug molecules to the carcinogenetic cells.

Scientist showed sustained drug delivery with a single shot of injection made of hydrogel added in the chemotherapy drug herceptin. The drug gets released and actuated to the affected area every day for a week and shows significant reduction in tumour size.

Photosensitizing agents like infrared lights are being experimented for carrying nanoparticles to the tumours.

The researchers preferred a platinum containing molecule that has low toxicity to attach to the gold nanoparticles. When the drug reaches to the cancer spot it encounters an acidic solution which transforms this platinum to its toxic state killing the cancer cells.

Skin cancers are treated by prescribing ointments made with gold nanoparticles that penetrate into the skin to curb cancer related gene from generating proteins that invigorates skin tumours.


Ironically, most of the cancer patients die not due the cancer but due to the drugs and prolonged chemotherapy which cause never ending side effects.

The nanotechnology drug is an alternative measure with the help of which the drug is directly administered to the malignant cells leading to the increased survival rate of the patient.

This technique will enable the delivery of drugs more efficient and less unpleasant for the patient.


Chemotherapy is used for treating hyperactive malicious cells but also affects thousands of other active body cells resulting in an array of side effects.

Platinum cancer therapy has side effects that are often treated with the use of gold nanoparticles which delivers platinum to cancer cells.

The supportive or palliative care approach is used for dealing with other side effects  associated with the cancer that included Fatigue, Headaches, Muscle pain, Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach pain, Shooting pain, Numbness in the fingers and toes due to nerve damage.

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