PM Narendra Modi's Speech In Aligarh During BJP's UP Campaign

By : 06-Feb-2017
PM Narendra Modi's Speech

ALIGARH: Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a major rally at the Numaish ground in Aligarh had made a strong statement about the reason behind the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and his union with the Congress during the time of the Assembly polls.
PM Modi had made poisonous comments on the leader of the Samajwadi Party who had encouraged mafia gangs, looters and shutting down of the flourishing lock industry in Aligarh.

PM Modi had drafted a new acronym ‘SCAM’ that as expands as SP, Congress, Akhilesh, and Mayawati.  Modi had even coined a novel word called as ‘VIKAS’ that stood for Vidyut (electricity), Kanoon (law and order) and Sadak (roads).
The shutdown of the Lock industry:
Modi had blamed the SP government for extinguishing and erasing the lock industry manufacturing units in Aligarh.
The major factors that had resulted in the lockdown of the Lock sector were an inefficient supply of the electricity to the industry.
Employment Scam:
Modi pointed at Akhilesh Yadav who was responsible for the elements of corruption and discrimination in Uttar Pradesh. The UP CM had been weaving false promises before the Yadav community to strengthen the recruitment movement in the state.
Pension Plans for the Widows:
Modi pinpointed on the fraudulent corrupt people who had made the cash withdrawal from the widow’s pension scheme. Modi had added that in order to curb such tricky frauds his government has linked pensions to Aadhaar cards and bank accounts.

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