NASA’s Missing Chandrayaan 1, rediscovered in 9 years

By : 11-Mar-2017
NASA’s Missing Chandrayaan 1

CALIFORNIA: The Indian Space Research Organization had declared Chandrayaan-1 as a lost entity but it was finally rediscovered by the ISRO ground-based radar station. It was 22 October 2008 when Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft was launched to explore the traces of water over the moon. Ironically, space capsule had cut off and lost all its communication from the ISRO’s ground stations on 29 August 2009. The ISRO officials had speculated about the space shuttle that might have crashed off-moon.

Nasa had invented a new radar technology in its Jet Propulsion Laboratory for detecting the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and Chandrayaan-1. But, there was a major challenge for hunting Chandrayaan-1 as it was just the size of the Smart Nano Car of 1.5 meters. The JPL team based in California had to use a special 70-meter long antenna to search the spacecraft that was 3.80 lakh km away from the earth. Eventually, the radar team successfully concluded about the spacecraft that was luckily spotted in the polar orbit around the moon.

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