Jayalalithaa’s Parting Advice to Modi

By : 13-Dec-2016
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CHENNAI: Jayalalithaa, while watching the news on the TV in her highly guarded hospital ward earlier on 2nd December had scribbled a prompt note which contained a message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

From her deathbed, just two days before the “Iron Lady” of India succumbed to the fatal cardiac arrest, addressed a one-line note to the Chief Secretary of State P Rama Mohana Rao where she advised PM Modi not to interfere with the quantity of gold possessed by Indians as it was a matter of sentiment.

Scratching her thought with a pen over the paper under seriously fragile condition shows how enlightened and informed Jaya was about all the current affairs and the disarrays caused by the demonetisation in her country. 

Her single jot of the line over the scrap sheet showcased about her mental faculties working perfectly. The very act of sharing her solemn thoughts with someone left the doctors happy. They believed that Jayalalithaa was on her road to fast recovery.

Jaya Amma, the political magnate, philanthropist and the popular icon of the nation had the comprehensive idea of what Modi government has in its hit-list up next.

Her memorandum or directive dispatched to Modi is an indication of the fact that the ordinary slot of people becomes the target of the tortures and the tricks with the introduction of every new scheme of the government affecting only commoners by and large.  Jaya the keen leader had sniffed a doubt on Modi that one day he may call a Sting Operation on the sum of gold held by Indians after banning the notes.

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