We don't have any suspicion in our minds over Om Puri's death: Annu

By : 10-Jan-2017
Om Puri's Death,Annu

First wife of late Om Puri, Seema Kapoor along with her brother Annu Kapoor organized a prayer meet in the memory of the veteran at a Gurudwara in D.N.Nagar, Andheri, Mumbai. Annu Kapoor has declined the rumors that went floating after the renowned actor’s sudden demise.

He reportedly said “Many theories keep coming up. There are people who like spinning such theories. You all know in such high profile cases. Our police are efficient in solving it” Expressing his firm belief in Police Annu Kapoor added “Wo sab maslaa saamne aa jayega. Jo Investgative agencies hain, who apna kaam karegi, aur sachai saamne aa jayegi. So for me to talk about it wouldn’t be right”.

When enquired about the suspicion on actor’s death, Annu unhesitatingly said “We don’t have any doubts in our mind, if anyone else has any doubts and it reaches the media then that’s a different story. We don’t have the strength to think whether we should doubt anyone or not”.

Talented actor Om Puri has been a part of many Bollywood classics like ‘Mirch Masala’, ‘Ardh satya’ and ‘Jaane Bhi DoYaaron’ despite his poked face. He has inspired many aspiring actors to enter Entertainment Industry, made them believe talent is a more valuable asset than looks.

Bollywood has definitely lost a true jewel. 

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