Vegetarian' Om Swami Caught Up Eating chicken Inside The loo!

By : 21-Dec-2016
Om Swami, Caught, Eating Chicken

Bigg Boss 10, the Chock-a-Block reality show is decked with deliciously dark choco drama along with the devilish discharge of flicks and tricks.

The obnoxious and the obscuring Om has yet again left his house members under shock after having plucked in a peculiar episode of eating non vegetarian grub.

Om had been claiming of being a Shudh Shakahari Brahman and would eat nothing but 101% herbage.

Om, the absolutely eccentric and gone case was caught on the screen with a chicken lollypop in his Motor Mouth.

Manveer Gurjar had prepared a delicious bird dish for all the participants in the house. He has even served a few pieces to Om. Swami who pretends to be a pure vegetarian got offended with Manveer’s act of offering him with the odd dish. He thus walked into the room in rage.

But while everybody had fallen sleep, Om pilfers the pieces of chicken and plopped all of them into his big mouth one after the other.

The so called god-man ate away the chunks in the secrecy of the midnight.

The bizarre god-man was often held weaving his stance. Just last week, he boldly announced that he was going to go on a hunger strike. He had been hiding the apples and fruits in the loo.  During his pseudo fasting, the odd old man would slide into the lavatory to bite those juicy fruits and fill his tummy.

Salman Khan warned everyone in the house to be aware of the double-faced maniac. 

Bigg Boss has always been brewing some outlandish and atypical personalities in the show. Yes, Om definitely is one of the most psychiatric cases.

Om, the dotty oddball is really abnormal in his real and reel life affairs. Many times, he got into the trouble especially with women. When the Laila O Laila starlet walked into the house as a judge, the indecorous Om kept touching her out of the line. Sunny leony has however brushed off his nasty behaviour but Bani could not bear the idiosyncratic Swami nor his nasty functions.

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