seven teenage girls in Wayanad, Kerala raped for 2 Months by a priest

By : 07-Mar-2017
Orphanage Girls Raped in Kerala

KALPETTA: On Monday, six people have been nabbed by the police for alleged molesting and raping 7 minor girls over a period of 2 long months in Wayanad in Kerala. A case has been booked against one of the church vicars who were convicted of the crime on the minor girls at Kottiyoor region. All the victims of the rape belonged to the same age group of 14-15 years and were reported to be residing in an orphanage at Muttil in Kalpetta. However, the police had described the accused men being sent to the police custody and further investigations are underway.

The whole episode surfaced after a 16-year-old minor girl was spotted walking out from a nearby shop in suspicious shape. She was immediately interrogated by the orphanage administration and the guardian of the orphan home. After hearing the fact, the orphanage had lodged a complaint to the local police about the shameful rape incident.

Last Friday, one of the victimized girls had given birth to a baby where one of the priests had faced an arrest. There are 7 others involved in the rape racket including the nuns and a doctor who is known to be absconding.

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