Pakistani mother burns her daughter alive in horrific

By : 18-Jan-2017
Pakistani, Daughter

It was just one week Zeenat Rafiq got married after eloping from home, disregarding her mother’s and relatives’ approval to the marriage with her beloved, Hassan Khan. Her mother, Perveen Bibi, connived and approached the daughter’s home and offered for a wedding celebration back at her home, forgetting all the past incidents.

The daughter though nervously agreed to the mother’s proposal believing it blindly, returned to her mother home, with hopes of reuniting with her family and relatives. Alas, there is no celebration for her at her mother home. She could not see that she is being played by her own mother.

At home she was tied to a cot, beaten ruthlessly by her own mother and brother, quenched with kerosene and then was burnt to death alive. Mother, Perveen Bibi in a winning mood, after killing her daughter, ran outside of the home, and yelled to the public saying, “I have killed my daughter for misbehaving and giving our family a bad name.”

Perveen and her son have been taken into custody by the police, for killing Rafiq, who accepted their deed. The mother, Perveen, without any grief for the death of her daughter, confessed in front of the police of her crime, by saying, “I have no regrets.”

While, the defence attorney of the victim, Rafiq, claimed her client as innocent, mother Perveen Bibi was sentenced to death and her son Anees Rafiq was sentenced to life in prison for cooperating in the crime.

According to the Human Rights Commission of the country stats, every year about 1000 women are killed by their relatives and families, as honour killings for bringing disgrace to their families. In the year 2015 alone, there are 1100 honour killings of women, 900 sexual violence victims and 800 suicide attempts of women.

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