Panneer Selvam To Meet Modi To Discuss About Ordinance On Jallikattu Ban

By : 19-Jan-2017
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While thousands of students, IT employees and several actors from the film industry are staging protests against the ban on the Tamil Nadu’s age old traditional sport event, Jallikattu, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Panneer O Selvam is going to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi today to discuss on setting up an ordinance to conduct, the traditional event, Jallikattu.

Meanwhile, thousands of students in the Tamil Nadu state have gathered on the sands of Marina Beach yesterday demanding the lifting on the ban of the bull taming traditional Tamil Nadu sport event, Jallikattu.

Feared with the mounting and raising anger from the masses including students, film actors, IT sector employees, and many other segments on the ban of the bull taming sport event Jallikattu the Tamil Nadu government has decided to meet the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to finally assign the task of deciding on the conduct of Jallikattu.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Panneer O Selvam said to the public in a statement speaking to the media that, “Tomorrow morning I will call on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urge him to promulgate an ordinance to conduct jallikattu. Hence, I appeal to all protesters to give up their agitations.”

He also said that the Supreme Court’s purview could be brought in to decide on the conducting of the bull taming sport, Jallikattu, since the judgement of the Supreme Court could be a favourable decision to all those involved. He further added that if the sport event could be conducted, it was only after and only when the central government has decided to conduct the event and only the central government is vested with such powers to allow such an event to be conducted in the country.

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