Paragliding in Kunjapuri, Uttarakhand

By : 14-Apr-2017
Paragliding in Kunjapuri, Uttarakhand

Location: Kunjapuri district is stationed on the Shivalik hills around 15 km away from Rishikesh. This place is not only famous for its religious ashrams, sacred Ganga, but also the splendid adventure sports like Paragliding. The holidaymakers who come here are often mesmerized by the majestic colours of the sunrise and the sunset. Most travellers who swarm over here can pay their due homage to the popular ancient Devi temple built at a remarkable height of 1676 metres.

Paragliding base in Kunjapuri

Paragliding in Kunjapuri takes place at Shivalik ranges that overlook the panoramic views of Gangotri, Banderpunch, Chaukhamba and Swarga Rohini peaks. The Kunjapuri escapades are very economical for the tourists who flock in the land of gods for a peaceful experience.

Facilities for Paragliding in Kunjapuri

Frequent holiday travellers can check for paragliding operators in Kunjapuri region. One such organizer is the Paragliding Earth. This group has special instructors on top of the Shivalik mount that can be reached in 45 minutes by a cab from Rishikesh.

The launch point for paragliding in Kunjapuri is from the smallest hillock at the last bend of the road. The pathway isn’t smooth but has a few scrubs on it, as a result, it can get a little tricky. The 6 km landing takes place near a river of Lakshman Jula in Rishikesh on the sandy bank next to the Ganges tributary.

The complete distance of Paragliding in Kunjapuri is nearly 7km that passes the beautiful Garhwal Himalayas. The pilot and the amateur flier while on the flight are often charmed by the bird's eye view of the picturesque valley. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to finish the joy ride of paragliding in the holy skies of Kunjapuri.

Best season for Paragliding in Kunjapuri

Globe trekkers from around the universe can plan their paragliding trip in Kunjapuri at any time of the year but need to avoid the monsoon period with heavy rainfall. However, the best season to fly like a free bird in Shivalik terrains are the months of September to March considered to have the most pleasurable climate ever.

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