Best places to visit in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

By : 15-Apr-2017
places to visit in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

The princely state of Kurnool is the Gateway of Rayalaseema in

Andhra Pradesh.  The urban town of Kurnool is based on the banks of the River Tungabhadra and the Nallamalas mountain peak that run parallel to each other. Historically, Kurnool was governed back to back by the Cholas and the Kakatiyas in the 12th and 13th century BC. 


 Here Are The Best Places To Visit In Kurnool

1.  Banaganapalli Fort, Kurnool

Banaganapalli Fort or Nawab’s Bungalow was the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan. This mansion that lies in the Banganapalle town of the Kurnool was erected by the dignitaries of Banaganapalli. The area has been famed for its cultivation of Banganapalle breed of Mangoes and Sree Veerappayya Swamy Temple.

 2.  Adoni Fort, Adoni, Kurnool

 This 15th century Adoni Fort at the Vijayanagara Kingdom is the hidden gem that is nested 100 kilometers far from the Kurnool highway. This Fortress is popularly known for its grand dimensions that rest amidst the historical city of Adoni in Kurnool. The stunning Adoni castle is an ancient monument that is known to be the best places for trekkers and trotters around the dilapidated rocks.   

 3.  Mahanandi, Kurnool

Mahanandi Temple is the most attractive Hindu chapel, situated in the scenic hamlet of the Nallamala Hills in Kurnool. This mansion is famed for its plunged pools, massive Nandi statue, Nallamalla woodlands and the Nava Nandulu or the Nandi Shrines that enchants the peacemakers on the holiday land.

4.  Belum Guhalu or Belum Caves, Kurnool

Belum Caves are the 2nd largest chambers in the Indian sub-continent located in Belum Village, in the Kolimigundla Mandal. These tunnels are of utmost geologically and historically significant for the Jains and Buddhists. The Belum Chambers have the lengthiest passages, galleries, spacious caverns with fresh water. The holidaymakers can acquire knowledge about the famous stalactite and stalagmite formations of these Caves.

 5.  Oravakallu Rock Garden, Kurnool

 Oravakal Rock Garden is situated on the NH-18 highway about 20 km far from Kurnool. This is an alluring tourist depot for the globe trotters that offers an ideal recreational ground for boat riding and water sporting. Geologically, the park has igneous rock formations amidst the water ponds that would be a prime subject for the geologists and geological research.

 6.  Nallamala Hills, Kurnool

Nallamala Hills is a rocky terrain that is quite familiar spot located in the Nallamala ranges. It is the best place that invites the traveler to get absorbed in the bounties of the nature involving the vast River Krishna, Srisailam Dam, Mallela Theertham cascades, Cumbum Lake, ancient Lord Shiva

Temples of Mahanandi, Ahobilam and Mallikarjuna Temple.

 7.  Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary, Kurnool

Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary is proudly placed in Kurnool that houses the Great Indian Bustard and the Lesser Florican. The grassy meadow is the homeland to several sloth bears, black bucks, Russell’s viper, Indian cobra, and the sky birds. The short-toed snake eagles, Indian rollers, and mynas make a point to mark their attendance with their presence in the Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary.

 8.  Kondareddy Buruju, Kurnool

Kurnool Fort is stationed in the heart of Kurnool city and is a familiar landmark of this urban area. Kondareddy Buruju is a famous section of Kurnool Castle that is recognized as the only left out ruin of the majestic mansion.


Cool Down In the Clam Colonies of Kurnool! 

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