Plan to visit Kashid Beach in Maharashtra

By : 14-Apr-2017
Plan to visit Kashid Beach in Maharashtra

Welcome to the Holiday Destination

The alluring beach of Kashid is located along the shores of the Arabian Sea in North Konkan region of Maharashtra. The crystal clean beach is laid up with white linen of sand and green paddy fields. The stretched beach is sandwiched between 2 rocky hillocks that save its skin from the smoking sun. The headlands, capes, and ridges make the bay water raft up and down the sandy sea and the salted seaside shingles. The born travelers like you will be amazed to find the Casuarina groves all around the seashore.

Travel Attractions and Favorite Sight Seeing Places

Kashid beach is enveloped by hills and cliffs that convert the place into an adventurous plateau for water sports, Jet ski, boat ride, inflated balloon rides, paragliding, surfing horse riding and a band of extracurricular activities. The popular Janjira Fort is surrounded by the beautiful Arabian Sea, but don't worry, the boats will ferry of you to this magnificent historic charm built in 15the Century. The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary Park is a home to numerous species of birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, and over 600 species of the plantation. There are many temples for those pilgrims and devotees who want to offer their true prayers before the god almighty. Now step into the listed destinations mentioned herewith:

Vikram Vinayak Temple

Balaji Temple

Datta Mandir

Uma Maheshwari Temple

Phansad wildlife Sanctuary

Revdanda Beach Fort

Colaba Fort

Korlai Fort

Phansad Bird Sanctuary

Nandgaon Beach

Mahua Bagh

Buddhist Caves in Chaul Village

Murud Janjira Fort

Best Season to Make a Vacation Trip to This Holiday Destination

November to February

During the non-monsoon months, the Kashid beach waves rise as high as 6 feet that make this spot a superb center for sea surfers.

October to March

The world is a rivulet and those who do not range over will regret so keep enjoyable trips along with the October fest.

March to June

Summer season in this region experiences a moderate temperature of about 32°C only.

June to August

Monsoon season wets the coastal lands with handsome rains.  The humid temperature ranges from 20°C to 24°C.

December to February

This travel town has the frosty climate that’s stops the travellers from visiting the chilly beach at this point. The cold climate does not benefit the beach lovers who would otherwise blaze in and blaze out on the boiling beds of the beach in summer. 

Best Travel and Tour Operators for Booking

The bizarre travel plans will turn your journey into a junk. But there are wonderful transport options for those who wants to take the roadway, railway, or airway journey to the most scenic and serene destinations of Maharashtra. The tour operators will assist you with the most flexible Kashid beach holiday packages that include bed and breakfast in the deluxe hotels mentioned below:

Best Budget Class Hotels for Day and Night Stay

Take the real voyage of inventing the innovative landscapes with an unending list of tour operators waiting to serve you with the best packages as given below:

Prakruti Resorts

Elysium Resorts

Golden Swan Beach Resort

Kashid Beach Resorts

Prakruti, Suman Resorts

Naomi Beach Hotel

Murud Beach Hom

Sea Shell Resort

White House Beach

Tips for Making Your Traveller Kit

The road gets alive with the very idea excursion. You must arrange your battered suitcases as you are heading to the delicious outing. Your Personalized Carry-on-luggage-bag essentials must be packed smartly with the presence of mind. Arrange your backpack with a journey handy-camera, torch light, additional clothes to match with the weather, comfortable pair of footwear, goodies, munchies, beverages and water flask.

Carry First-aid Gear

Always be prepared to tackle any uninvited situations, illness or injuries during traveling. You can nurse yourself and your kids to promote quick recovery by loading the precautionary Medi-kit that must comprise of the following items below:

Antidiarrheal tablets like loperamide

Antacids, Anti-motion capsules 

Pills for pain or fever like acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen

Cough drops, cough suppressant or expectorant

Antifungal, antibacterial ointments

Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, Swiss knives, mosquito repellent, bandages, cotton swabs, gauze, and a safety thermometer

Bon Voyage! Have  a Yo-Yo Vacations Ahead

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