PM Modi's Elections Win, Gives Beijing a Fresh Chance to Resolve Indo-Chinese Discourse

By : 16-Mar-2017
PM Modi Electoral Win Beijing a Fresh

Due to the surplus win of BJP in the recent UP elections, the Chinese state media has reported on Thursday that it has got a massive golden chance to settle all the negative questions by coming much closer to the current governing party in New Delhi. The national tabloid Global Times mentions that the brand new opportunity has charged them for the coming 2019 general elections. But the tight secure power can let Modi take decisive steps.

Talking about the border disputes, PM Modi's firm stance of demonstration for celebrating Diwali has been the biggest vacation in India. It was witnessed by the Sino-Indian border. Modi's has also increased India's tie with China and Moscow and applied for the member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Thus India has maximised it’s on interest towards growth and development of the nation both nationally and globally.

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