Priyanka Jagga: Rumours of Miscarriage on Bigg Boss 10 is Rubbish

By : 29-Dec-2016
is priyanka jagga pregant

New Delhi: Bollywood super sensational starlet Salman Khan's small-screen reality show 'Bigg Boss' season 10 is steaming headlines one after the other.
One of the centripetal and controversial characters caged in the Bigg Boss house was Priyanka Jagga who had made an unpredictable exit last week for her shrewd behaviour.
The much fabricated Priyanka was sitting on the fence of fallacy and had become the switchboard of tiff and tussle. 
The BB10 is plugged with 440 WATTS of eccentric entertainment eclaired with enmity.
The grapevines are revolving brakelessly about Priyanka! Priyanka! and Priyanka Jagga!
The pseudo reports kept rafting across the air claiming that the pungent Priyanka had a miscarriage and that’s why she discontinued the show.
But the motor-mouth maverick woman had called it as the rubbish rag report.
The laud-lady-locomotive said that she was not pregnant but had a gynac mess up.
She elaborated that she was bleeding but asked us not to be in the illusion of a misfire or miscarriage. 
The bad bold brat told that she was asked to rock, dance and shake her bums on the birthday of Salman Khan that was around the corner. Priyanka denied the dance task and said that she could not showcase her performance because she had been going through her clinical chums and dilemma associated with it.
The piping hot Priyanka's eviction was not based on the audience's poll rather she was discarded as a result of the historic decision made by Sallu the dashing anchor of the Bigg Bos 10.
Salman Khan had an obnoxious experience while dealing with the dirty and nasty natured Priyanka Jagga.


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