PUNE: 24 Year Old Techie Stabbed to Death, Manhunt Continues

By : 26-Dec-2016
Pune Techie's Murder

PUNE: The Pune police formed three different teams to nail the killer lover of a techie who was stabbed to death Friday evening. The victim’s parents believed that an unidentified friend who was claimed to be the victim’s spurned lover was the chief suspect. 
The Superintendent of Police Pune Jay Jadhav   speculated about the murder that had appeared to be a fallout of a one-sided love affair.
The 23-year-old techie from Kolkata was working with Capgemini in Talawade, Pune. The killer stabbed the girl to death at KNB square at Talawade while she was returning from her office on Friday eve. 
Satyendra Sinha, a motorist and the eye witness along with help of other man rushed the diseased to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead. Satyendra told the investigation officials about the perpetrator who was wearing a black-blue striped T-shirt and was seen absconding from the spot.
Antara had met the Kumar during her training session in Bangalore. Kumar followed the girl in Pune when she was appearing for an interview with Capgemini where he had threatened to kill her.
Antara’s father said in his statement that his younger daughter had told him of a boy who was harassing her since last April. 
Panchanan Das the uncle of the victim told to the police that Antara had informed the family about the boy who was after her but they did not lodge a complaint assuming that the boy could not go to the extent of killing.
Inspector Arun More assured the victim’s parents that they will soon see the criminal of their daughter behind the bars.
According to her employer, Antara had refused to avail the company’s shuttle service. 
She was taking an auto rickshaw to Nigadihe where she stayed as paying guest. 
On the eve of her murder, she did not take an auto rickshaw either had walked to a friend’s place and she was attacked in the middle of her way.

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