Russian Ambassador Assassinated, Putin to Join the Funerals in Moscow

By : 22-Dec-2016
Putin, Funeral,Andrey Karlov

MOSCOW: Vladimir Putin is scheduled to offer his last offices and attend the funeral of the assassinated ambassador Andrey Karlov on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Mr Karlov's casket was repatriated to Moscow city. During a ceremony at Vnukovo Airport the politician’s widow wept over the sight of the coffin that was carried from the runway terminal to a hearse.

The Russian President has cancelled his annual press conference for paying his tributes to Karlov died in a massacre in Turkey.

The 62 years Old Russian diplomat was gunned down by an off-duty Turkish special force officer Mevlut Mert Altintas in Ankar.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed about the ambassador’s killer to be an exiled cleric and a follower of Fethullah Gulen a terrorist organisation.

President Erdogan said that the young official Altinas was absorbed in the Turkish police riot squad for more than two years.

The Turkey's intelligence bureau is looking into Altintas' secret foreign connections and his overseas links.

The Moscow Kremlin, usually referred to as the Kremlin (a fortified complex) had denied speculation whether the accused was a lone wolf or operating as a part of a bigger operation.

John Kirby, the US State Department spokesperson had dismissed about the claims of American involvement in the assassination.

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