Ram Gopal Varma's Tweets Which Lead To Controversy

By : 22-Dec-2016
rgv controversy tweets

Let’s take a look at RGV’s bold statements
1. RGV’s Sensational Comment on Amitabh Bachchan
Maverick Filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma wrote on twitter “Just watched Bbuddah nd am angry with bacchan that hes such a ch***iya not to do films like this nd am such a l**d not to realize this”.  And he concluded with the praises for the film.
Earlier RGV made fun of Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap and Beautiful actress Rekha tweeting “Coming soon 'Budhdhi Hogi Teri Maa' starring Rekha" 
2. Rgv’s Love for Sridevi Thighs
Boney kapoor called Rgv as an attention seeker and pervert, after reading Rgv’s article on Sridevi from his new book ‘Guns and Thighs’
Well one couldn’t stop Rgv from tweeting. Here he goes like this…
“My advice to Boney is to read my full article in ‘Guns and Thighs’on Srideviji before spewing venom on me. I as a fan have more respect for Srideviji than what Boney has for her as a wife. Only Srideviji will know the truth of this in her heart”
And … he continues...
“Srideviji’s fame is not only because of her acting capacity but it’s also because of her thundering thighs -top critics of Himmatwala time. If only acting talent is a measure for stardom why was’nt Smita Patil bigger than Srideviji. The thunder thighs made the difference. I respect Srideviji for her thighs, her smile, her acting talent, her sensitivity, her persona and above all I respect her love for Boney”

3. Rgv questions Pawan Kalyan
If you follow Rgv, you would know how Ramu expresses his love for for Pawan Kalyan with the tweets. The daring filmmaker also questions and opines on atypical comments made by Power Star.


Pawan Kalyan reported on Rgv comments saying “I’ve great respect for Ram Gopal Varma and I sincerely believe that he is saying all this because he doesn’t want me to fail in my career. Once upon a time, he narrated a story to me and I told him bluntly that I didn’t like it.  Ever since he has become quite fond of me. I also believe that he is tweeting all this in frustration, but I don’t think about failure. For me, the journey and hard work are more important than the result”

4. Rgv’s take on Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s 150
This time Ram Gopal Verma tweets about Tollywood Mega Star Chiranjeevi, he compares Satakarni and Khaidi number 150. He often amuses himself presenting the tweets in a labyrinth, there by criticizing the fans of popular celebrities for miscomprehension.


5. RGV versus Indian Cricket
Sarkar Director, whose part time job is to tweet his opinions on various issues in a peculiar manner, this time he opines on Indian Cricket, when India team lost to West Indies at semifinal, 20-20 world cup. 
6. Rgv’s Unconventional take on Ganesh Bhagwan
Apparently nobody can stop Ramu from tweeting on festival days. This time ganeshji box and all the devotees of Ganesha stood at witness, questioned all the devotees of Lord Ganesha. He tweeted…

7. RGV’s Love on KCR
Rgv showered love on KCR with tweets raining cats and dogs. He called KCR, a mixturte of bruce lee and Deepika Padukone and even Gajini can’t forget KCR face, and committed to make a movie on KCR with film title ‘RCK’

8. Rgv takes a dig at Mammootty 
This time Rgv made sure to evoke acute emotions among Mammootty fans with his tweets. He praised Dalquer Salman son of Veteran actor Mammootty and recommended Mammootty to learn acting from his son, did a daring comparision of Mammootty with a junior artist.



9. RGV and Narendra Modi
Ramu warns Mr.Modi this time with his next flick featuring Amitabh Bachchan. Here’s what he posted 



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