How to Reduce the Swollen Pimples on Face

By : 18-Apr-2017
Reduce the Swollen Pimples on Face

Due to the multiple chemical reactions in the body, the acne or pimples of swollen nature begin to appear on the face and gets worse when neglected. The bacterial activity on the affected areas can result in acute inflammation of the skin.

Here Are a Few Short Term Fixes For The Swollen Pimple on Face

1. Witch Hazel

This is a plant that can temporarily relieve the acne associated with acute pimples. Witch hazel can smoothen the irritated skin and trigger the swollen pimples.

2. Ice Pack

Treating your swollen pimples with cold compressions of the ice cubes can slightly reduce the inflammation.  The cold contract the blood vessels under the affected skin and minimize the appearance of the swollen pimples.

3. Tea Bag

The presence of a substance called tannins in the tea can reduce the problems of the acne, pimples, and puffy eyes. The used tea bag dips can be gently dabbed over the swollen pimples that will help in subsiding the swelling and kill the bacteria playing on them.

3. Toothpaste

The toothpaste in your bathroom is known to shrink the size of swollen pimples. Toothpaste can dry out the pimples as it has essential ingredients like triclosan, baking soda, salts, and hydrogen peroxide that can extinguish the inflammations.

4. Neem Tree and Tea Tree Oils

These plant oils are helpful in fighting the bacteria that give rise to acne. These oils are known to cure various maladies and skin disorders.

The rich oils can be directly applied on the swollen pimples using a Q-tip.

5. Fuller’s Earth or Fuller’s Clay Mask

A face mask made of fuller’s earth dries off the puss in the swollen pimples in no time./ The clay makes the pimples noticeably smaller and firmer.

6. Lemon, Cucumber, or Tomatoes

The cool nature of these fruits and vegetables offers heavenly effects on the swollen pimples. They are rich in Trifecta that has the ability to treat inflammation and pimples of all sorts.

Precautions to be taken with the eruption of a swollen pimple

1. Build healthy habits of washing your face twice every day with a gentle soap or cleanser

2. Moisturize your face, neck, hands and body regularly

3. Stay hydrated by drinking water, juices, and fluids

4. Avoid sleeping with the cosmetics and makeup on your face. Remove the makeup  with mild soap and water

5. Remember to exfoliate the skin of the face and neck weekly

6. Use natural astringents like lemon, tomatoes or yogurt that will tone up the skin, reduces the swollen pimples and tightens the pores.

7. Never prick, press or pinch your swollen pimples with your hands

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