Flight Booking Processing Is Prone To Hacking

By : 28-Dec-2016
Flight Booking, Reservation Systems, Hacking

The Air Travel and Tours Booking Methodologies are highly vulnerable and can trigger on-line hacking. Passenger Name Records (PNR) and reservations are linked with the passenger’s personal identity, passenger’s dates, travel itinerary, phone, email contacts, tour operator’s information, credit card numbers, seat number and baggage information.

The small codes on the boarding passes can lead to pilferage of the sensitive personal data that is often fed at the time of flight reservation and amendment.

The six-digit codes is ascertained as the pincodes for spotting travel records lacks security when  compared to the simple usernames and passwords  of the consumers.

The world's three premier global distribution systems (GDS) Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport are managing travel reservations but are facing competition from corporate airlines and online reservation sites.

The Cyber Security Researchers at Berlin-based Security Research Labs made a statutory statement about the Global Distribution System GDS that fails to offer the first rate authentication factor.

Multi-factor authentication may work when the end users offer different pieces of evidence of their identities like a password, pincode or a security question for that matter.

During the Europe's Chaos Communications Congress an annual event on hacking, the Security Research Labs official Karsten Nohl along with the co-author Nemanja Nikodijevic had warned in their speech that the passenger's last name is sufficient for the net to explore associated booking codes within hours their by gaining access to traveller’s records.

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