River rafting in Coorg, Karnataka

By : 14-Apr-2017
River rafting in Coorg, Karnataka

Location: Coorg or Kodagu is a district stationed on the Indian state of Karnataka. Adorned as the beautiful hill station, Coorg the anglicized name for Kodagu is situated on the eastern slope of the Western Ghats.

River Rafting Base in Coorg

1.  Barapole River Rafting

Barapole River Rafting campsite lies on the Upper Barapole River where the breathtaking rivulet enters the Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary near the Ponya Estate.

2. Dubare River Rafting

The River Rafting expedition at Dubare has been a major attraction in the Cauvery water body. Dubare Region is famous for its forested area located on the banks of the Cauvery amidst Siddapur and Kushalnagar districts.


Facilities for River Rafting in Coorg

Barapole: River Rafting amidst the loud currents of Barapole water body begins after the arrival of the holiday makers at the destination known as Kithu Kakthu river. This fun-filled river rafting is perfect for both the amateurs and experts, to get them enrolled in the 1-2 hours water sports, between 9 am to 3 pm. All these participants at the camp site will be given a short class by the professional instructors, followed by a drill. So that their can withstand the pros and cons of this 2.5 km river rafting.

Dubare: River Rafting at Dubare watercourse is available in 2 splendid options for the voyagers. One is 8.5 km run and the other is 12 km run, the latter one depends on the flow of the water level. The scouts who crusade on the jet tributary, pass through the thick forests and scenic backdrop. The tourists who come here for river rafting on the Cauvery stream is rejuvenated in a completely safe environment.

The Best Season for River Rafting in Coorg

The heavy rainfall months of June to September especially when the water flows rapidly is marked as the best time for river rafting in Dubare and Barapole rivers.

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