Two new apps to help improve road safety

By : 07-Jan-2017
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Two new mobile apps namely, m-Parivahan and e-challan, are to be launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, for improving road safety and also to facilitate citizen interactions.

While the m-Parivahan is centred towards providing a wide number of services, such as checking the genuineness of a vehicle and a driver, the other app, e-challan is for the enforcement authorities, including traffic police and transport officials.

One of the officials of the Road Ministry said that, “The ministry is planning to launch two apps related to road safety and customer facilitation. One of them would be e-challan which would be used by the enforcement authorities and another would be m-Parivahan which would provide host of services to citizens.”

The official also said that, the two apps will be useful to report accidents, traffic violations and also useful in increasing the interaction levels between the authorities and the citizens.

The upcoming Road Safety week that begins on Monday may be the dais for the launching of these two new mobile apps by the government.

The official of the ministry said that, “m-Parivahan will help in the safety of the passengers if they are hiring a driver. It will also help transporters. Secondly, it will help the people who are buying a second hand car. m-Parivahan will help in reporting an accident and this accident reported will be directly transmitted to concerned traffic authorities in the state and the concerned Regional Transport Offices (RTOs).”

Using this app, the authorities can easily retrieve the information related to the license number of the traffic rules violated vehicle and generate the appropriate challan for the violation of rules.

The official further noted that, “e-challan mechanism facilitates payments as also cashless model… I am sure that the states over a period of time would come and join this platform. Already some states have started pilot run and it has been quite good.”

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