Rohit Helps Many People To Exchange Their Money

By : 30-Dec-2016
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Rohit Tandon, the Delhi based lawyer, who has been taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate for allegedly exchanging old scrapped currency notes with new notes of worth more than Rs. 70 crore, had reportedly told to sleuths that he has helped several influential persons. He admitted that he has helped exchange old notes worth Rs. 20 crore into new notes of various influential persons.

He also further revealed to the sleuths while interrogating him that he never went into banks for the exchanging purposes, but instead he had the managers of the banks to visit his home and collect the cash.

Earlier, according to a tip off from Income Tax department, the Enforcement Directorate was able to bring under scanner the Kotak Mahindra bank manager Ashish Kumar and arrest him for allegedly helping Rohit to exchange old notes amount of worth Rs. 51 crore. The tip about the link between Ashish and Rohit has been received while interrogating employees of Rohit Tandon by the sleuths of IT department. The employees of Rohit revealed that a certain Ashish from Kotak Bank was a regular visitor at the Greater Kailash bungalow.

Ashish who has also been taken into custody by the ED has created nine fake accounts in his Kotak Bank's Kasturba Gandhi Marg branch office in order to deposit Rs. 38 crore and haul black money, helping Rohit Tandon.

Even though Tandon denied of having any connection with Parasmal Lodha, Parasmal has admitted during interrogation that he has connection links with Rohit Tandon. Parasmal who is in custody has also links connecting him with mining baron Shekhar Reddy. However, until now, there has been no monetary transaction links found linking Tandon, Parasmal and Reddy.

During the raid at Tandon house by the Delhi police, they seized Rs. 2.62 crore in new Rs. 2000 notes and Rs. 7.70 crore in old Rs. 1000 notes.

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