A huge Set Back For To Mayawati, brother Anand Kumar

By : 10-Jan-2017
Tax officials, Detect Rs. 1300, Mayawati, Anand Ku

It looks like Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati is in the midst of the desert, as the tax officials detect an abnormal rise of assets from Rs. 7.5 crore to Rs. 1300 crore in the name of Anand Kumar, her brother.

During the period from 2007 to 2014, when Mayawati was the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, a swift rise has been noticed in the assets of her brother Anand Kumar from Rs. 7.5 crore to Rs. 1316 crore.

An investigation conducted by the news publication, Times Now finds a number of documents linking Anand Kumar to a series of doubtful transactions in his business activities. The investigations further revealed that he is dealing with a web of companies, ghost investors and shell companies.

The income tax investigation details revealed the facts that a clear paper trail of round tripping the money among the shell companies and fake investors, and also obtaining mysterious multi-crore loans and several huge investments in real estate.

One of such deals is with Aakriti Hotels Pvt Ltd., in which Anand Kumar holds about 65000 debentures through two other firms. Not all the shareholder companies listed with the company as per the Registrar of Companies are not found to be legitimate, as some of them are found to be shell companies that are found to be only on paper.

For instance, three shareholding companies in Aakriti Hotels, namely, Bhaskar Fund Management Ltd, Clifton Pearson Export and Agencies, Delton Exim Pvt Ltd, Ganga Builders Ltd are found to be operating from the same building at Maheshtala, Kolkata and also with the same set of directors. Moreover, it is also found that there is no such office in the mentioned location.

Similar discrepancies have been found in some other shareholding companies of Aakriti Hotels Pvt Ltd.

Meanwhile, Mayawati alleged that the BJP government is personalising its ruling power to use the government machinery and targeting her and her party.

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