Vishal Sikka Says About the Deceptive Stuff Being Spread to Target Him

By : 21-Feb-2017
Infosys Workers mail on Vishal Sikka

BENGALURU: Vishal Sikka the chief executive of Infosys had lashed out over the detractors who had spread the fallacious and malicious tales in the form of an email to all the employees of his organization. Sikka said that the strong worded message was designed to harass him to the core.

The sender of the email had indirectly questioned about the acquisition of Panaya an Israeli automation technology company for $200 million.

The IT giant had lately clarified about the fact that no member of the management is involved in any investments in Panaya insinuation. It had cleared that such acquisition would not benefit the entities of the company.

Early 2015, Infosys had announced buying Israel’s firm for $200 million equivalent to Rs1,250 crore.

The Critic had intimated the information to SEBI alleging about the Infosys and its irregularities in the Panaya buyout.

Sikka had said about those misleading nuisance, unfair and unwarranted attacks that were embellishing absurd fallacy in the nation.

Sikka was aimed by few of the co-founders including N R Narayana Murthy who had voiced their concerns over the rise in his remittance pay band. He was also pinned for sanctioning thick severance packages to 2 of the former executives.

In the coming times, Sikka has far bigger and bitter battles to fight as too many external and internal factors had been surrounding the CEO over the times.

However, Sikka had urged his staff to set themselves apart from the distractions and focus on the business in the truest spirit.

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