Salman Khan Evicts Priyanka Jagga Out of Bigg Boss 10 House

By : 24-Dec-2016
Salman Khan throws priyanka jagga out of house

Priyanka Jagga, the auto motor mouth female kept blowing the hot air at the members of the house.  The highly volatile Jagga was in need of a coolant that might have chilled her temperamental attitude.
The gibberish girl is installed with a tongue as sharp as the ‘Chinese Chopper’ that can shred the feelings of the people into ribbons and rags.
The sickening Priyank was discarded from the show just like the trash bag after hatching havoc inside the house.
 The Saturday’s episode previewed Salman Khan bidding the people with misconduct towards others.
Salman was always upset taking Priyanka for her caustic soda like speech that pinches all.
She had erupted volcanic words against her housemates Lopamudra Raut. She remarked even upon Manu Punjabi’s deceased mother who passed off recently.
When Salman, the super passionate star and the long time host of BB tried speaking to her on the Weekend ka Vaar, the double bladed birdie began biting him. Salman disliked her act and finally asked her to walk out of the show immediately.
I am sure that many in the audience would have either thanked Salman or the lord for taking dumping the woman from BB 10.
Salman hated people with disgusting double standards and their improper behaviour.
There were a few instances when the Bigg Boss himself shouted at Om Swami for causing damage to the toilet door during a task. Salman rendered good lessons to Swami for his misappropriate behavioural patterns but did not kick him out of the show as yet.

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