Salman is Keen to Launch Naagin 2 Actor Mouni Roy in Bollywood

By : 06-May-2017
Salman Naagin 2 Actor Mouni Roy in Bollywood

Salman Khan sees a whole lot of untapped potential in Mouni Roy a television’s leading actress. She is acting in Naagin and Devon Ke Dev Mahadev big hit television serial. Superstars close friend says Salman had seen the same talent in Sonakshi Sinha when he launched her in Dabangg. He sees the same spark in Mouni Roy as a traditional Indian heroine draped in a saree, dancing to a Bharat Natyam beat, like Sonakshi. Mouni builds a good rapport with Salman Khan while her stint on Bigg Boss spending a lot of time with Salman household these days. Hang around Salman's Galaxy Apartment is a common practice with all the newcomers– actors singers, music composers and filmmakers

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